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Regular Schedule

Warning Tones: 7:25 & 7:28
1st Period: 7:30-8:20
2nd Period: 8:25–9:15
Announcements: 9:20–9:22
3rd Period: 9:22–10:12
4th Period: 10:17–11:07
5th Period: 11:12–12:02
6th Period: 12:07–12:57
7th Period: 1:02–1:52
8th Period: 1:57–2:47

Mentoring Schedule

Warning Tones: 7:25 & 7:28
1st Period: 7:30-8:16
2nd Period: 8:21–9:07
Announcements: 9:12–9:14
3rd Period: 9:14–10:00
Mentor: 10:05–10:32
4th Period: 10:37–11:23
5th Period: 11:28–12:14
6th Period: 12:19–1:05
7th Period: 1:10–1:56
8th Period: 2:01–2:47

Faculty Meeting Schedule

Warning Tones: 7:25 & 7:28
1st Period: 7:30-8:10
2nd Period: 8:15-8:55
Announcements: 9:00-9:02
3rd Period: 9:02-9:42
4th Period: 9:47–10:27
5th Period: 10:32–11:12
6th Period: 11:17–11:57
7th Period: 12:02–12:42
8th Period: 12:47–1:27
Meeting: 1:32–2:47

Test Prep Schedule

Warning Tones: 7:25 & 7:28
1st Period: 7:30-8:13
2nd Period: 8:18–9:01
Announcements: 9:06-9:08
3rd Period: 9:08–9:51
Prep: 9:56–10:47
4th Period: 10:52–11:35
5th Period: 11:40–12:23
6th Period: 12:28-1:11
7th Period: 1:16–1:59
8th Period: 2:04–2:47

Liturgy Schedule

Warning Tones: 7:25 & 7:28
1st Period: 7:30 – 8:10
2nd Period: 8:15–8:55
Announcements: 9:00–9:02
3rd Period: 9:02–9:42
Liturgy: 9:47–11:02
4th Period: 11:07–11:47
5th Period: 11:52–12:32
6th Period: 12:37–1:17
7th Period: 1:22–2:02
8th Period: 2:07–2:47

Catholic High School is dedicated to providing opportunities for development of the spiritual, moral, emotional, intellectual, and social growth of each student.

As CHS strives to nurture within each student the belief that we are all created by a personal and a loving God who cares for us and desires that we share with Him His life of happiness, our goal is to work in partnership with parents in developing in their sons a sense of responsibility to God, to themselves and to their fellow human beings.

The school strives to help each student to develop a realistic and positive self-image, thus enabling him to be a substantial and happy individual.

Class of 2025 Presentation

Leadership Convocation 2024

Extracurriculars and Clubs

We believe that our school should have a wide variety of quality extracurricular activities as a way of enhancing our holistic approach to education. The purpose of such variety is to give ample opportunity to students to develop their skills and to make the school a stimulating and inviting place. Quality extracurricular programs develop students’ pride in their school and in themselves, increase their receptivity to formation, and promote their success in all aspects of school life.


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The regulations and other provisions outlined in the CHS Student Handbook are material conditions of the contractual agreement between Catholic High School, each student enrolled in the school, and his parents. 

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