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CHS Mu Alpha Theta places first in Baton Rouge High Math Tournament

Congratulations to the young men of Mu Alpha Theta! They placed first in the Baton Rouge High Math Tournament on Saturday, January 29.  Our Bears dominated the competition and beat the second-place team by more than 30 points! Students placing in individual events included:

Calculus BC

Honorable Mention – Brady Keller

Calculus AB

1st place – Jackson Robb

3rd place – Lucas Gawarecki

Honorable Mention – Micah LeGrange


1st place – Tre Austin

Honorable Mention – Nathan Barbera, Andre Miller

Algebra 2

1st place – Andrew Schmeeckle

2nd place – Oliver Hamilton

3rd place – Jackson Bardwell

Honorable Mention – Shiv Reshamwala


2nd place – Elliott Eagleton

Algebra 1

2nd place – Jonathan Thompson

Students placing in team events:

Calc BC Team

2nd place – Buster Couhig, Shaan Jindal, Brady Keller

Calc AB Team

1st place – Ben Eagleton, Lucas Gawarecki, Jackson Robb, Jeffrey Talbot

Precalculus Math Bowl

3rd place – Tre Austin, Patrick Cangelosi, Mark Mills, Kristophe Sauviac

Comp Math 2

1st place – Nathan Barbera, William Creech, Andre Miller, Tre Webre

2nd place – Alex Keaty, Peyton LeBlanc, Luke Romaine

Comp Math 1.5

2nd place – Jackson Bardwell, Oliver Hamilton, Caleb Lott

Comp Math 1

1st place – Connor Dooley, Blaise Thomassie, Jonathan Thompson

Algebra 1 Team

1st place – Mac Couhig, Elliot Eagleton, Noah Gawarecki, Logan Wong


The Bears also took first place in the lower interschool test. Way to go, gentlemen!!