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Mu Alpha Theta Hosts 24th Annual Math Tournament

Catholic High Mu Alpha Theta hosted their 24th annual High School Math Tournament on January 27, 2024 with over 600 participants from 30 schools.  Upper level students from Catholic High helped to plan the event and work the tournament.

Students placing in individual events:

Geometry Individual:

  • Honorable Mention – Brayden Ford
  • Honorable Mention – Cole Matherne, Shawn Tate, Blaise Thomassie, Eli Vincent

Precalculus Individual:

  • 1st Place – Elliott Eagleton
  • 2nd Place – Michael Aguillard
  • 3rd Place – Matthew Trahan
  • 4th Place – Thomas Miller
  • Honorable Mention – Drew Girouard, Matthew Hupperich, Caldwell Kerth, Wyatt Lewis

Students placing in team events:

Algebra 2 Math Bowl:

  • 1st Place – Arjun Dhillon, Shawn Tate, Blaise Thomassie, Eli Vincent

Precalculus Math Bowl:

  • 1st Place – Matthew Aguillard, Thomas Miller, Noah Olson, Matthew Trahan
  • 2nd Place – Brennan Breaux, Davis Dawes, Noah Gawarecki, Brennan Normand

Comp Math 2 Team:

  • 2nd Place – Connor Campbell, Grant Mathes, Luke House Schulze, Hayes Turner
  • 3rd Place – Matthew Hupperich, Griff Melancon, Jack Ritter, Michael Wilhelm

Upper Interschool – 3rd Place