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CHS Mu Alpha Theta Places Second at 2024 State Convention

Catholic High School took second place overall at the 2024 Louisiana Mu Alpha Theta State Convention, scoring an impressive 504.5 points - only 3.5 points behind the first-place school. Kevin Zheng '25 served as State Vice President, Noah Gawarecki '25 served as District Governor and Shiv Reshamwala '25 was elected State Vice President for the 2025 convention.  

Students placing in individual events:

Chris Kennedy – 1st place, Mu A Individual

Cole Mogharrebi – 3rd place, Mu A Individual

Tre Austin – 4th place, Mu B Individual

Jackson Bardwell – 4th place, Mu A Individual

Blaise Thomassie – 4th place, Theta Individual

Caleb Lott – 6th place, Mu A Individual

Ethan Crochet – 7th place, Mu A Individual

Cesar Rico – 7th place, Alpha Individual

Joseph Huynh – 10th place, Alpha Individual

Luke Dawson – 11th place, Mu A Individual

Brayden Ford – 11th place, Geometry Individual

Kevin Zheng – 12th place, Mu B Individual

Jackson Whitlow – 12th place, Mu A Individual

Andrew Schmeeckle – 13th place, Mu A Individual

Kevin Vu – 13th place, Geometry Individual

Alex Brown – 15th place, Mu A Individual

Michael Aguillard – 16th place, Alpha Individual

Henry Mensman, 17th place, Theta Individual

William Stafford, 18th place, Mu A Individual

Ellis Evans, 18th place, Theta Individual

Thomas Miller, 20th place, Alpha Individual

Students placing in games:

Shiv Reshamwala, Mu A Top Cipherer

Elliott Eagleton, Brayden Ford, Caleb Lott, and Blaise Thomassie, 1st place, Hustle

Thomas Crawford, Ethan Crochet, Nick Ferrell, and William Stafford, 1st place, Mu A Math Bowl

Luke Dawson, Cole Mogharrebi, Shiv Reshamwala, and Andrew Schmeeckle, 2nd place, Mu A Math Bowl

Michael Aguillard, Joseph Huynh, Noah Olson, and Cesar Rico, 2nd place, Alpha Math Bowl

Jackson Bardwell and Alex Brown, 2nd place, Mu A Gemini

Jack Brady and Shawn Tate, 2nd place, Theta Gemini

Tre Austin, 2nd place, Mu B Descartes

Logan Wong, 2nd place, Alpha Descartes

Connor Dooley, 2nd place, Theta Descartes

Miles Melancon, Jacob Schroeder, Kevin Vu, and Bennett Weinstein, 3rd place, Geometry Math Bowl

Ethan Dean, 3rd place, Mu A Descartes

Luke House, 3rd place, Alpha Descartes

Noah Gawarecki, Oliver Hamilton, Jonathan Thompson, Eli Vincent, 4th place, Hustle

Ellis Evans, Colton Karisny, Ryan Luu, and Colton Matherne, 4th place, Theta Math Bowl

Drew Girouard and Matthew Hupperich, 4th place, Alpha Gemini

Kevin Zheng, 4th place, Mu B Descartes

Chris Kennedy, 4th place, Mu A Descartes

Aizik Nguyen and Joaquin Torres-Nova, 5th place, Geometry Gemini

Brennan Normand, 5th place, Alpha Descartes

William De Souza and Bobby Rudy, 6th place, Mu A Gemini

Caldwell Kerth, Quinn Luu, Grant Mathes, and Thomas Miller, 7th place, Alpha Math Bowl

Students placing in Area Tests:

Quinn Luu – 6th place, Alpha Trigonometry

Henry Mensman – 12th place, Theta Algebra 2

Marco Canizaro – 14th place, Theta Algebra 2


The Geometry and Algebra 2 students placed fourth in the Theta Interschool Test.

The Precalculus students placed second in the Alpha Interschool Test.

The Calculus students placed third in the Mu Interschool Test.

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