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CHS/SJA Choir Earns Superior Ratings Across the Board!

CHS and SJA brought five different choirs to the Choral Assessment Festival to perform for three judges on stage and one judge in the sight reading room.  (SJA Beginning Treble Choir, CHS/SJA Training Mixed Choir, CHS Men’s Choir, SJA Advanced Women’s Choir, and CHS/SJA Chamber Singers)

ALL FIVE CHOIRS received the sweepstakes trophy for their performances and sight reading abilities! ALL SUPERIOR RATINGS ACROSS THE BOARD!! The performers were amazing and represented our two schools beautifully!

The judges were wowed. Here are some of their comments: 

  • “Bravo to your amazing singers! So gorgeous and so perfect. Congratulations to you. You are something else!! You are singing with such artistry and excellent musicianship. Wow! So proud of you and these men!!”
  • “Bravo CHS and SJA! SO proud! BRAVO!”
  • “Mr. Galliano-This was a treat! What a great group! How did you get so lucky? Your hard work and the work of your students just shined through! Keep up the fabulous work!”
  • “Wonderful musicianship by the group and the director! I’m SO very impressed! Danielle, you are rocking it! Fantastic work!”
  • “Excellent preparation of challenging repertoire!”


Congratulations to our choir members and directors! 

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