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CHS Mu Alpha Theta Places Second Overall at Episcopal Tournament

Catholic High School took second place overall in Division 1 of the Episcopal High School tournament on Saturday, November 12.  The Math Bears captured third place in both the upper interschool and the lower interschool test.

Students placing in individual events:


  • 1st place – Carter Mayeux (fun fact, he is club president and the SJA club president got first place in the other division!)
  • 3rd place – Kyle Oubre
  • Honorable Mention – Kevin Zheng, Ryan Cedel, Peyton LeBlanc


  • 1st place – Cole Mogharrebi
  • Honorable Mention – Andrew Schmeeckle, Caleb Lott, Shiv Reshamwala, Oliver Hamilton

Algebra 2:

  • Honorable Mention – Noah Gawarecki


  • 1st place – Blaise Thomassie

Students placing in Team events:

Calculus Math Bowl:

  • 1st place – Ryan Cedel, Carter Mayeux, Kyle Oubre, Kevin Zheng
  • 4th place – Alex Keaty, Nicholas Schroeder

Precalculus Math Bowl:

  • 1st place – Ethan Crochet, Cole Mogharrebi, Shiv Reshamwala, Andrew Schmeeckle
  • 3rd place – Jackson Bardwell, William de Souza, Oliver Hamilton, Bobby Rudy

Algebra 2 Math Bowl:

  • 3rd place – Davis Dawes, Elliott Eagleton, Matthew Hupperich, Luke Schulze

Calculus Team:

  • 1st place – Ben Black, Nathan Barbera, Rhett deBlieux, Andre Miller
  • 2nd place – Christian Black, Patrick Cangelosi, Peyton LeBlanc, Andrew Matassa
  • 3rd place – Tre Austin, Joseph Peak, Kristophe Sauviac

Comp Math 2:

  • 2nd place – Jacques Breaux, Nicholas Ferrell, Caleb Lott, Jackson Whitlow
  • 3rd place – Ethan Dean, Evan Dayries, Matthew Olinde

Comp Math 1:

  • 2nd place – Shawn Tate, Blaise Thomassie
  • Mu Alpha Theta