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CHS Congratulates Students Chosen for LMEA District IV/All-State Honor Bands

Congratulations to the following young men who were recently named to LMEA District IV and LMEA All-State Honor Bands:

LMEA All-State Bands


All-State Jazz Band


Andrew Heltz '23 – 2nd Chair Trombone


All-State Concert Band


Alex Braud '22 – 5th Chair Clarinet


All-State Symphonic Band


Alexander Lauve '22 –– 4th Chair Trumpet


LMEA District IV Honor Bands


J.P. Perrault '24 – Symphonic Band – 9th Chair Clarinet


Ryan Cedel '23 – Symphonic Band – 3rd Chair Alto Saxophone


Mark Mills '23– Symphonic Band – 3rd Chair Trumpet


Alexander Lauve '22 – Symphonic Band – 8th Chair Trumpet


Andrew Heltz '23 – Symphonic Band – 3rd Chair Trombone


Alex Braud '22 – Concert Band – 1st Chair Clarinet


Brennan Coco '24 – Concert Band – 4th Chair Alto Saxophone


Adam Tessmer '23– Concert Band – 1st Chair Trumpet


Ethan Dean '24– Concert Band – 3rd Chair Trumpet


Joseph Wicker '26 – Middle School Symphonic Band – 9th Chair Trumpet