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Chess Club Members Visit LA Key Academy to Teach Students about The Game

Members of the CHS Chess Club recently paid a visit to our friends at LA Key Academy to teach some of their students about the basics of Chess. Our Bears taught the middle schoolers about "castling" and "en passant," and also explained the ways a game of Chess can end - in a draw, a resignation, or a win/loss.

The partnership began after LKA had several students express interest in forming a Chess Club. We are hoping that we can grow this next year into a regular service opportunity for our Bears.

Special thanks to our students Drake Morice ’26, Miche Buogo ’25, Jonathan Mekari ’25, Lee Dirks ’25, Luke House ’25, Evan Dayries ’24, Henri Noel ’23, Andrew Miller ’23, and our Chess Club Moderator Ms. Anna Leinweber for taking the time to visit with these students.