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Catholic High School to Celebrate Faculty Members in the Coindre Leadership Program

During the school-wide liturgy being held on December 8th, 2021, Catholic High School will recognize those members of the faculty and staff who have completed all or part of the Coindre Leadership Program. 

The Coindre Leadership Program (CLP) is an intensive personal formation program designed to prepare future mentors in the charism to better ensure its continued, lived expression in our schools. The CLP is dedicated to forming future generations of school leaders rooted in the spirituality of the Heart of Christ, committed to the building of a Christian community, and devoted to the mission and apostolate of André Coindre.

Key Components of the Coindre Leadership Program 

  1. Mentor Directed Readings—These are intended to be living documents that guide participants in remaining dynamically faithful to our founding charism.  These readings include three, sequential, year-long components focused on the following:
  • History and Spirituality
  • Community Building and Mentoring
  • Mission and Apostolate

    2.  Essential Experiences—These are a series of transformational experiences focused on the lived expression of the spirituality, community, and apostolate in institutions of the Brothers of the Sacred Heart. Essential Experiences include the following:
  • Alternate Charism Experience (ACE)—Immersion in an authentic, alternative expression of the founding charism, such as Mission Amatongas in Africa or St. Anne’s Mission in Klagetoh, Arizona.
  • CLP Retreat
  • Communal Experiences as Partners in Mission
  • Pilgrimage Lyon: André Coindre Experience (PLACE)—A two-week immersion experience following the footsteps of André Coindre designed to deepen participants' understanding of the transformational grace of the founding moments of the Institute.
  • School Leadership Assembly—Participants broaden their awareness and appreciation of the Institute’s mission and founding charism.
  • Rome International Synthesis Experience (RISE)—A two-week-long synthesis experience empowering participants to become a team of apostles, concretizing their transformation as leaders and mentors in the charism.


The CHS staff members who have completed the Coindre Leadership Program are Mr. Jared Cavalier, Dr. Tom Eldringhoff, Mrs. Lisa Harvey, Mr. Brian Hightower '97, and Mr. Gene Tullier. 

Catholic High School Staff Progressing in the Coindre Leadership Program are:  

  • Mr. Ben DiPalma—Mentored by Mr. Thomas Mavor, Mr. DiPalma has completed the Mentor Directed Readings and some of the Essential Experiences.  He still needs to complete ACE.
  • Mr. J.P. Kelly—Mentored by Brother Ronald Talbot, Mr. Kelly has completed the Mentor Directed Readings and some of the Essential Experiences.  He still needs to complete ACE.
  • Mrs. Christy Kessler—Mentored by Mr. Tim Robichaux, Mrs. Kessler has completed the Mentor Directed Readings and some of the Essential Experiences. She still needs to complete ACE.
  • Mr. Doug Logsdon—Mentored by Mr. Jeremy Clark, Mr. Logsdon is currently in the third year of the Directed Readings program focused on Mission and Apostolate.
  • BoSH
  • CLP
  • Religious Values