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Spring Sport Student Athletes Honored at Convocation

This week, the Catholic High Athletic Department honored members of the Baseball, Lacrosse, Golf, Tennis, Powerlifting, and Track teams at the annual Spring Sports Convocation. The following individuals earned major awards in their respective sports.

 A Full gallery of photos can be found here: Spring Sports Convocation 2023


Highest Batting Average- Clayton Pourciau

“Golden Glove” Award- Cole Cranford

“110 Percent” Award (The Brent Picue Memorial Award)- Alex Ainsworth

Student Athlete Award (The Clyde Didier Memorial Award)- Prescott Marsh


Most Valuable Player- Aiden Duffield

Coach’s Award- Conrad Oliver


Outstanding Trackman- Winston DeCuir

Outstanding Fieldman- Paul Catalanatto

Outstanding Distance Man (The Brett Devall Memorial Award)- Matthew Maynard

Coach’s Award- Louis Rudge



Outstanding Offensive Player Award- Nathan Schlegel

Outstanding Defensive Player Award- Brady Pastorick

Most Valuable Player- Hudson Brown

Coach’s Award- Winston Mickal

Kirklin Roberts Invictus Award- Max Neumann


Most Valuable Player- Carter Schmitt

Coach’s Award- Walter Anderson


Most Valuable Player- Happy Butler

Coach’s Award- Ryder Kerth

Effort Award- Luke Hertel

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