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Coach DD Breaux visits with Cheerleaders and Bruinettes

Yesterday, former LSU Gymnastics head coach DD Breaux visited with the CHS Cheerleaders and Bruinettes to encourage those students to maximize their experiences this school year.

Coach Breaux advised the two groups on ways to improve themselves and their team. She focused on the importance of completing simple tasks each day because everything we do matters. In addition, Coach Breaux guided the students to concentrate on being the best version of themselves to maximize their contribution to the team and having the courage to remove the clutter that life puts in our way.

“Make your life a journey of great memories,” Coach Breaux concluded.

Cheerleading moderator Jennifer Thibodeaux said it was a wonderful message for her team to hear.

“The ability to hear such an important message from a person the kids hold in such high regard is priceless. Coach Breaux is an incredible role model and has so much knowledge to share with our students,” Thibodeaux said.

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