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CHS Swim Takes the Win in Baton Rouge and Mandeville Meets

The CHS Swim Team divided and conquered this weekend as half the team competed in the CCSL cluster meet at Crawfish Aquatics in Baton Rouge, and half the team competed against St. Paul’s and Northshore High School in Mandeville. The results of the meets are attached.


The final score of the Baton Rouge meet was:

1. Catholic High School Bears                       493
2. The Dunham School                                   253
3. East Ascension High School                      233
4. Episcopal High School                               207
5. St. Michael                                                  39
6. McKinley High School                               13


Scoring points for the Bears in Baton Rouge:

200 Medley Relay: 1st place: James Maher, Grant Sterken, Jeffery Talbot, Beau Gautreau
200 Freestyle: 1st place Austin Martinez, 2nd place Brady Eldredge, 3rd place Carter Gibson, 4th place Gabe Russell
200 IM: 1st place Miles Babin
50 Free: 3rd place Allen Pierson, 8th place Grant Sterken, 9th place Cohen Bajon, 12th place Beau Gautreau
100 Fly: 1st place Jeffery Talbot, 3rd place DJ Hudson, 6th place Braxton Perez
100 Free: 1st place James Maher, 2nd place Joseph Mensman, 3rd place Sebi Vargas, 4th place Allen Pierson
500 Free: 1st place DJ Hudson
200 Free Relay: 2nd place Joseph Mensman, Gabe Russell, Allen Pierson, Austin Martinez
100 Back: 2nd place Jeffery Talbot, 3rd place Miles Babin, 4th place James Maher, 5th place Sebi Vargas
100 Breast: 3rd place Andrew Hansen, 4th place Grant Sterken, 5th place Jamen Meher, 7th place Carter Gibson
400 Free Relay: 2nd place Jeffery Talbot, DJ Hudson, Sebi Vargas, Miles Babin


In Mandeville the final score of the meet was:

1 Catholic High School Bears            98
2 St. Pauls School                               68
3 Northshore High School                  16


Full results and team scores are attached. Scoring for the Bears:

200 Medley Relay: 1st place Thomas Duncan, Harrison Martin, James Stuckey, Colin Mayne, 3rd place Zach Welsh, Briggs Bargas, Eric Jurkovic, George Scully 
200 Freestyle: 2nd place Alex Cooper, 4th place Jackson Gautreau,
200 IM: 1st place Thomas Duncan, 2nd place Sean Melancon, 4th place Harrison Martin, 5th place Rak Kelly
50 Free: 3rd place Sammy Smith, 5th place Colin Mayne
100 Fly: 2nd place Thomas Duncan, 5th place Briggs Bargas
100 Free: 2nd place Joseph Duncan, 4th place Sammy Smith
500 Free: 2nd place Sean Melancon, 3rd place Alex Cooper, 4th place Jackson Gautreau
200 Free Relay: 2nd place Joseph Duncan, Sammy Smith, James Stuckey, Colin Mayne, 3rd place Sean Melancon, Jackson Gautreau, Alex Cooper, Eric Jurkovic
100 Back: 1st place Zach Welsh, 2nd place Rak Kelly, 4th place George Scully, 5th place James Stuckey
100 Breast: 1st place Joseph Duncan, 3rd place Harrison Martin, 5th place Briggs Bargas
400 Free Relay: 2nd place Sammy Smith, Thomas Duncan, Alex Cooper, Joseph Duncan, 3rd place Sean Melancon, Zach Welsh, Briggs Bargas, Harrison Martin


The Bears have a busy week coming up with the 8th graders competing in their 3rd Middle School meet on Friday evening at Crawfish Aquatics, ½ the varsity team competing at the Gulf Coast Classic Invitational on Friday afternoon in Mobile, Alabama and the other ½ competing at Crawfish Aquatics Lafayette on Saturday morning.

MEET RESULTS From Pelican Athletic Club 


MEET REULSTS from Crawfish Aquatics


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