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Alumni Return to Campus for 2022 Career Day

On Monday, March 29th, The CHS Office of Alumni Relations hosted Career Day for the Class of 2022. More than 60 alumni bears from across the country in a variety of career fields returned to their stomping grounds to share how CHS prepared them for the career of their choice as well as to lend advice to students interested in pursuing the similar paths. 

Seniors chose three sessions to attend. Topics and speakers were as follows: 

Advertising/Marketing/Digital Media
Karl Boehringer '04  
Chuck Sanchez `90                        
Hunter Territo `03         
Adam Vo `13                              
Byron Washington `06                               

Accounting, Banking and Finance                                                                 
Robbie Apple `06
Maurice Coleman `82
Madison Dillard '14
Jack Germany `15
Jordan Hultberg `04
Perry Key '78
Nathan Neames '12

Computer Science, Info Tech, Cyber Security
Kyle Harvey '98
Will Landry '98
Wayne Losavio `98

Construction and Architecture
Kevin  Alford '99
Derek Fife
Brian Goad `98
Christian Key `13
Scott Ritter `93
Wesley Switzer `07

Mental Health Specialties
Ben Brown `10
Cullen Burke 04
Kerry Ruiz `84
Paul Ross `87

Joey Coco '95
Scott Daigle `10
Anthony Fisher `98
Dale Mouch
Ryan Nesbit `95
Dustin Polito `97
Matt Rouse '94

Entrepreneurship/Real Estate/Sales
Greg Brandao `73
Steven Brooksher `00
Matt Bruce `99
Steven Cheatham`97
Josh McKay `96

Health Care and Medical
Brad Culotta `99
Joseph Larriviere `04
Dr. Keith Lorio '86
Brandon Luckett '13
John Paul Luckett `81
Taylor Murphy `00
Taylor Sanders `97
Andrew Reicke `09

Law Enforcement/Military
Kevin Ducote `85
Ed Hardin '86
Cortland Marix '97
Dillon Mathies `08
Brandon Volpe `15

Rich Bourgeois '94
Ronald Gathe `92
Chris Hester '01
Chris Jones ‘91
Johnny McKay '91
Justin Mannino '06

Environmental/Government Relations
Rory Hebert `97
Tanner Johnson `94
Paul Sawyer `87
Drew Tessier '91
John Walters `91

Clay Achee `01
Richie Adams `93
Matthew Moscona '00
Michael Shingleton '03
Jason Waggenspack '95


We'd like to extend a HUGE thank you to all of our alumni who took time out of their day, traveled to Baton Rouge and shared their advice with our Seniors. It's more than 4, It's a lifetime! 

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