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Nineteen CHS Seniors Plan to Serve Our Country Post-Graduation

We are incredibly proud of the 19 seniors headed to serve our country after graduation: Tre Benson, Matthew Bohan, Liam Carruth, Christopher Cerniauskas, Prince Edwards, Parker Garrett, Max Guillot, Luke Hackney, Ben Herman, Hap Heroman, Paul Maher, Michael Price, Joseph Robin, Warren Ross, Gavin Schwartz, Joseph Serpas, Edward Shanks, Corey Singleton, and Barrett Sonnier.

Eight will attend United States service academies (pictured to the right): 

United States Merchant Marine Academy: Matthew Bohan (also received ROTC scholarship)

United States Naval Academy: Ben Herman and Hap Heroman

West Point: Christopher Cerniauskas and Max Guillot

United States Military Preparatory School: Tre Benson and Corey Singleton

Marion Military Institute (prep school): Edward Shanks

Eight will participate in the ROTC programs at their respective schools: Liam Carruth (received ROTC scholarship), Parker Garrett, Luke Hackney, Joseph Robin, Warren Ross, Gavin Schwartz (received ROTC scholarship), Joseph Serpas, and Barrett Sonnier

Two will enlist: Prince Edwards and Michael Price

One will enter the Reserves: Paul Maher

We'd like to acknowledge Max Guillot (pictured below) for being accepted to the three major service academies - U.S Naval Academy, U.S. Air Force Academy, and West Point.