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Junior Johnny Fontenot wins 1st place at Rally in Sculpture

Johnny Fontenot '23  won 1st place in the State District Rally this past weekend.  He entered under the Sculpture category through Mrs. Edith Thorton's Art III class. 

His intricate treehouse sculpture is completely made of wood: popsicle sticks, tooth picks, coffee stirrers, crepe myrtle branches, and the base is a miscellaneous piece of wood.  It is detailed with 4 towers, 2 porches, and a balcony all topped with handmade shingles, cutout windows, doors, and the spiral staircase that leads the eye to the top of the tree house.  There are also small details of a mailbox and an address plate located midway up the stairs.

It is on display in the CHS Mall and will be entered into the Juried High School Exhibit in the Baton Rouge Gallery.