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Doors Open to the Brother Donnan Berry S.C. Student CenterĀ 

After years of dreaming and planning, months of construction, hundreds of meetings and countless donations of time, money and talent, the doors to the new Brother Donnan Berry, S.C. Student Center are OFFICIALLY OPEN! On Thursday, October 15th, our Bears were served lunch for the first time in the new kitchen.

The Brother Donnan Berry, S.C. Student Center is a spacious student union for dining with a kitchen and food preparation area. The dynamic building has a spacious student common area with a student pavilion for outdoor dining, learning, interaction, and engagement.

The second level has a new faculty WorkCenter and terrace. Individual meeting rooms provide privacy for lesson preparation. A large conference room is available for classes, club meeting and seminar groups. Individual Collaboration and study rooms line the upstairs corridor. These rooms will be available for  group study and collaborative learning. The student center adds five new classrooms to campus including a seminar classroom that overlooks the first floor of the union.

The Brother Donnan Berry, S.C. Student Center will also be home to the new Campus Ministry Center for prayer, religious studies and community service coordination.

The amenities are breathtaking, but one thing is for sure– this space will be more than a cafeteria and set of classrooms. It will be the scene for many lessons–in the classroom and in life. It will be a place of growth where our students are shaped into young gentlemen and prepared for the real world. It will be a place of worship because faith formation and strengthening is at the center of all we do here at CHS. It will be a place for celebrations in honor of our alumni, our faculty, the Brothers of the Sacred heart and, most importantly, our students. Memories will be made over meals. Tests will be taken and studied for. Heartfelt conversations with mentors will be had. Laughs will be shared. Bonds will be formed. Joy will be felt.

Catholic High School would like to thank everyone involved in the process of making this dream union come to life. From concepts and plans to construction, furniture, appliances, manpower and the generous donations from the alumni, parents, faculty and friends of CHS, every single one of you played a role in making this building a reality for the current Bears and many generations of Bears to come. Your impact is felt and deeply appreciated.