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CHS "Launches" ClassVR in Aerospace, AP World History Classes

ClassVR headsets have arrived at Catholic High School, and teachers are already taking advantage of this cutting-edge learning tool. ClassVR's headsets are standalone, classroom-ready devices which deliver an immersive VR experience which teachers can control. Because the headsets do not require any additional devices, they are easy to use and super reliable. 

With the help and hard work of Technology Director Jenny Bruno, Mrs. Meek's Aerospace classes were the first to use the ClassVR headsets. After learning how to use the headsets, the class was fully immersed into a spaceship launch! This timed perfectly with Mrs. Meek's class project where students were required to build their own rockets complete with launching equipment. 

Later in the day, Mrs. Kessler's  AP World History students used the ClassVR goggles to visit a WWI trench. Ian Widdick’s English Class is reading Ready Player One, and they will be using these soon in connection with the novel. The possibilities are endless! 

Thank you to Margie Alexander for writing the grant for the Irene W. and C.B. Pennington Foundation to get these in the hands of the students and to Christy Kessler for her love of Virtual Reality! 

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