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Student Handbook

The regulations and other provisions outlined in this handbook are material conditions of the contractual agreement between Catholic High School, each student enrolled in the school, and his parents. In addition, this handbook is designed to serve several important purposes:

—  It provides a handy source of the basic information the student needs for planning and carrying out his course of study.

—  It serves as an official source of school policies and requirements for participation in academic,

extracurricular, and informal activities at Catholic High School.

—  It provides information to enable parents to assist and support the efforts and activities of their

sons. It is especially important that parents read and become familiar with the handbook’s sections on admission, attendance and behavior policies.

—  It contains brief statements of the history and philosophy of the Brothers of the Sacred Heart and of Catholic High School. The board of directors and the administration hope that students and parents will find the information articulates the foundation of the Brothers of the Sacred Heart, which in turn serves as the basis for educational formation at Catholic High School.