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CHS Honor Code

The Honor Code and the Honor Board at Catholic High School were created and installed in 1997 as a result of student initiative. All members of the board are elected by students and faculty members. The Honor Code is presented below:


With the following policies and procedures, students attending Catholic High School will feel a sense of responsibility for maintaining the high moral and ethical standards set forth by the Mission Statement of Catholic High School. Such empowerment will promote a sense of school pride and spirit.

This honor system, which promotes discipline and accountability, is based on self-respect and respect for the entire community of Catholic High School, including its students, faculty, staff, parents, alumni and the Brothers of the Sacred Heart. The honor code provides individuals with the opportunity to develop physically, emotionally, academically and spiritually in an atmosphere of trust.

Honor Code

On my honor, I will do my own work, uphold the ideals of Catholic High School and the Brothers of the Sacred Heart, protect the good name of the school and see that all others do the same. I vow to transmit the school greater and better than it was transmitted to me.

I will do my own work both in and out of school. I will not plagiarize the work or ideas of others, nor will I allow another student to use any part of my work as his own.

I will not lie. I will not forge the signature of another student, my parent, a teacher or authority on notes or school documents including, but not necessarily limited to, reports, tests or status reports.

I will report myself to the Honor Board for any infringement of the above rules and regulations. I will ask another student to report himself to the Honor Board for any infringement of these rules and regulations. I will report to the Honor Board another student who fails to report himself when asked to do so.