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Achievements and Honors

Golden Bears Honor Convocation 2023

On Thursday, May 18th, Catholic High School hosted its annual Golden Honors Convocation to recognize many of the students who have honored Catholic High School by their outstanding performance during the past four or five years-- performances characterized by diligence in the classroom, perseverance on the field of play, fellowship among classmates charity through serving those in need and integrity and kindness in all that they do. We gave special recognition to those students who have contributed so much toward making this year a memorable one. 

Honors Convocation by the numbers: 

  • 11 Students received the Principal's Award
  • 31 STREAM Certificates were awarded
  • 105 Academic Program Scholars were honored
  • 53 students earned Seals of Biliteracy
  • 55 Honors Scholars were named 
  • 11 National Merit Scholars were recognized
  • 13 Men of the Year were named