The Lacrosse Team is in its eighth year at Catholic High School. Founded by a group of dedicated students in 2007, the team has continued to prosper and develop into a recognized force within the Louisiana High School Lacrosse League, which includes schools in New Orleans, Mandeville, Lafayette, Prairieville and Shreveport, winning it’s first District Championship in 2014.  The Lacrosse Team has three full squads with 77 students on the roster.  As lacrosse has continued to grow and develop in Louisiana, the Catholic High team has continued to be in the vanguard of that progress.

Lacrosse Moderators
Val Browning

Faculty Representative
Chad Dupuy

Lacrosse Coaches
Head Coach- Tyler Gray

Lacrosse Team Captains
John Vicari
Jon Adam Town
Andrew Young
Justin David

2015 Varsity Lacrosse Schedule

2015 JV-A Lacrosse Schedule